The village of Trimiklini is built in the largest valley in Cyprus, 27 Kms from Limassol between Limassol and the Troodos Mountain. It has for many years been a place to stop and rest. High mountains surround the village with the highest being mount Zalaka and a large ravine on the south of the village through which flows the crystal clear waters of the Kouris River. The villagers are occupied by tree and vine production. They produce peaches, nectarines, pears and plums. Wine and Zivania are also produced in the village.

There are two explanations as to the origin of the name Trimiklini, according to tradition. The first explanation is that the name comes from the Greek words ‘thermo klini’, which in ancient times was supposed to be a very stable climate both in summer and winter making it a suitable place for invalids to recuperate. The second explanation claims that the name comes from the words ‘therm krini’ and was connected to a fountain, which had water running warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

An ancient three arched bridge on the shores of the Kouris River was built in Venetian times with stones from the river. Another bridge is the only double bridge in Cyprus which was partly built in 1901, for carriages and completed in 1917 with the arrival of the first motor vehicles. During 1955 to 1960 a dam was built on the Kouris River, which is the largest river in Cyprus. It is the only dam in Cyprus that is always full, forming a huge lake of exceptional natural beauty where birds nest during summer.

An ancient church, dedicated to the miraculous icon of Panayia Eleousa (His Holy Mother) was reconstructed in 1744. Remarkable decorative work can be seen inside the church, particularly on the timber roof. The beams are carved with coloured decorations of geometric shapes and plants. The old and rare locking device on the west door is still preserved. What really attracts the eye though, are the beautiful icons standing on a wooden base. During the 1920s, a large new church was built beside the old chapel, which was completed by the 1950s.

By the contribution of the people of the community, the first elementary school was built of local stone and opened with 49 students in 1926. It now comprises part of the cultural heritage of the village and is still owned by the community. The school was renovated by the Community Council and faces the Community Park and amphitheatre. Today, a new regional elementary school operates with students from eleven communities. Across the Community Park stands the statue of the hero Demetris Arminiotis who was killed on 7August 1974 fighting the Turkish invaders and his grave is in the Trimiklini cemetery.

On the main Limassol to Platres road which runs through then village, outside the coffee shops there is a market offering traditional products such as Zivania, wine, Sousouko, all kinds of sweets and fruit produced locally. It is a bazaar that is unique to Cyprus. On September 9th 1994 the Community Centre of Trimiklini was opened, housing the Community Council Offices and the Community doctors as well as various cultural activities and events.

In Trimiklini there are restaurants, coffee shops , sweet shop, petrol station, supermarkets, butchers, flower shop and a builders merchants where locals and visitors can be served and spend some restful time in the unique, green environment of the village.

This beautiful aerial video shows the Trimiklini - Saittas dam in a way that we would never normally be able to see it.

Shot by Cyprus From Air. By Manos. For more outstanding videos in and around Cyprus, visit: (and please do like his page) or view the Youtube channel:





THE LAND OF DREAMS, Trimiklini. Farm · Fishing · Fruit & Vegetable Store. The Land Of Dreams is the largest farm of deciduous / stone fruit trees and fish pond in the village Trimiklini of Limassol in Cyprus! Fishing - Catch your own fresh fish from our pollution-free ponds that are stocked weekly with fish grown right on the farm. We organize fishing activity at “The Land of Dreams” for groups of 5 persons and over. Get away from the busy city and take a walk in the nature path next to the river and surround yourself with natural beauty. Facebook page: Website:

Costas Supermarket, Saittas: A large family run business that is usually open from sun up to sun down. Situated on the outskirts of Trimiklini, it has everything you need from fresh fruit and vegetables, to toiletries (and everything in between). It also has a butcher with fresh meat and a fresh fish counter, deli counter, newpapers & magazines, toys, gas bottles, firewood, the list goes on..... You will find Costas supermarket on the B8 road (Limassol to Troodos Road) just past Trimiklini on the way to Troodos.

Chris Bakery, Trimiklini: Beautiful bread (Editor's favourite), freshly baked on the premises! Plus a lovely selection of fresh savoury pastries and lucious desserts. Also stocks your basic shopping items from milk to canned goods, dog food to cleaning products. You'll find Chris Bakery on the B8 road (Limassol to Troodos Road) just past Trimiklini (next to Green Valley Waterfall) on the way to Troodos. Tel: 25 432147

DIY shop, Saittas: This Handy DIY shop used to be in Trimiklini, but has now moved to Saittas (just next to Lukoil). A family run business, they are incredibly helpful and stock almost everything from parts to help fix a leaky tap to more ambitious home renovation needs. You will find Maria Synnou DIY shop on the B8 road (Limassol to Troodos Road), just next to Lukoil on the Saittas crossroads. Open 7 days a week, generally 10am to 4pm, (but best to phone first on weekends and public holidays to check opening times) Tel: 25 434404

GALAART... Trimiklini gets another attraction: Galaárt -a brand new shop offers a nicely made café, a bakery, a foodhall, a creperie, ice creams, a convenience store and a restaurant á la carte. The restaurants offers menues of traditional food, pasta, salads, grill, oven meats, different kinds of meats, fishes, pulses and veggies. The prices are low to moderate. The breads are all baked in own bakery in the village of Galata. Also the restaurat foods are mainly prepared in Galata. Only the sweets (gateaux, tarts) are made in a special bakery in Limassol and brought daily to Galaart. The place is lovely done, quite large, has a terrace with umbrellas, tables and chairs. Good parking space in the front and on the side. The service is very friendly. Galáart is located on the maind road at the entrance to the village of Trimiklini. POSTED 07/10/2011


COMPUTER ASSISTANCE:Computer health check, repairs and also a call out service are all available. The engineer has over 30 years experience and has experience in every type of computer imaginable. Our new landline number will be 25432181 and the mobiles will remain the same 99114617 and 97672341.

Hairdresser - Trimiklini. There is a new hairdressershop in Trimiklini. The shop, "ZORBAS" had opened begin of July 2010.  It's situated opposite the Petrol Station on the main road through Trimiklini. It serves both men and women. I am being told that the shop is not open every day so you better call them to make an appointment: Phone: 25 58 47 00  and  99 69 28 87

PHARMACY IN TRIMIKLINI ; Trimiklini gets another imprtant attraction: A brand new PHARMACY to serve the villages around !!! That's exactly what we were missing for such a long time.
Beside pharmaceutical stuff one can find there many kinds of drugstore items as e.g. cosmetics and stuff for babies.
The pharmacy is just opposite the gasoline station (near the church).
Phone: 25570125, Fax 25570126
The owners are NIKI and NIKOS SYMEONIDOU............ 21/04/2012



GREAT NEWS...NEW CHEMIST/PHARMACIST IN TRIMIKLINI...Our Commanderia Reporter reports with an unsolicited testimonial... Delightful young couple - great people, people! He is Nick and she is Nicky! They are also passionate about animals and have lots of 'rescue' dogs and cats themselves (with three legs and even less eyes!. ). They stock and can get quickly medicines for people and animals, And can give very good advice. Posted by KR 20/06/2012


A small museum of metal detecting finds has opened in Trimiklini. Entrance is free. Open all day Saturdays. Other days by appointment only.
Please park in the Church carpark, cross the road and take the small road between the village green and the house on left. Walk up this road until you reach the 1st road on the left, take this road and you will find the museum a little further down on the left.
Call "H" on 99964464



TRIMIKLINI - New shops and walls.

There are 2 new and exciting shops in Trimiklini. Both shops are on the main road, between the church and the Water Falls Café, on the right coming down the Mountain. A FISH SHOP (Psaragora) and a BAKERY (Fourno).

It has been reported by several delighted shoppers that the owner of the FISH SHOP has a big fish store in Limassol as well and he brings fresh fish every day to Trimiklini. The BAKERY is beside the Water Falls Café. They bake great cakes as well. Anyone passing through the village will see workmen crafting many beautiful stone walls all along the main road. Will the pavements be paved next?

Craft Lessons: Tuesdays at 11am in the Youth Centre behind Lania football field and Tuesdays at Trimiklini School at 5pm

Greek Lessons: Mondays at 5pm in Trimilklini School and Wednesdays at 4.30pm in the Youth Centre behind Lania football field. Contact Michela on 25552334.