The village of Monagri can be found 20 Kms north-west of Limassol between the Limassol to Platres road and the Kouris River. The name of the village comes from the word ‘moni’, which means monastery, and the word ‘agrin’, which means a small valley. The village was created as a small monastery area with farms belonging to the monastery since Byzantine times.

During the Franks occupation it appeared on maps as Monag or Monagri. There are also mentioned may medieval families to which the village might have belonged, such as George the Bistronious, Alex Kappadoki and Balian Salaha.

When the Turks occupied the area, the residents became persecuted by the Secret Christians and operated small schools such as the Archangels School. After the Turkish occupation, the Cypriot brotherhood of Egypt created a regular school with Stravrakis as its first teacher.

As well as two monasteries, the village has two churches. The main church is dedicated to Saint George and is a 16th century building, renovated in 1872.  The other church is dedicated to St Mary of Essokiras and is located in the centre of the village. This is also an old church, renovated recently.

The inhabitants, today numbering 200, are mainly involved with growing almond trees, olive trees and small farms. They also produce traditional Palouze, Sousouko, Trachna, Easter Flaounes and many other delicacies. On August 15 the villagers produce home-made bread and sausages.




Filfar Liqueur House, Monagri: Filfar is a world-known brand of traditional Cypriot liqueurs. Orange Filfar liqueur being the original flavour, other flavours Lemon, Mandarin and Bergamot have been introduced since. Mr. Takis Philippou, the first man who commercialised Filfar (passed away in 2001), revived the liqueur in the early 1940s, when he was working for the British Army in Cyprus. His grandmother, Chrystallou Kouri, inherited this recipe from her ancestors, who got it from the monks of Kantara where there was a monastery. The recipe was passed down from mother to daughter, (since the 13th century) by word-of-mouth.
Due to the popular demand for Filfar liqueur, both international and domestic, the company has relocated to newer larger premises in Monagri Village in order to fulfil the demand. With the relocation, we have also built the “Filfar Liqueur House” – a specially built establishment in the picturesque village of Monagri in the Commandaria Region where you can see the process of making Filfar as well as sampling the liqueurs. Tel: +357 25556800. Email: Website: Facebook Page:

Menargos winery, Monagri: Menargos Winery. Monagri prides itself in the production of a variety of red and white quality wines, especially the historic Commandaria wine. This wine is unfortified and made in the traditional manner whilst meeting strict modern quality controls. Visitors always welcome and special arrangements exist for Commandaria residents. Limited quantities of refurbished ex-Commandaria wooden wine barrels to grace your home or office are available at £100 each. Free standing wine racks in solid wood, for 40+ bottles for sale at £40. Personal and trade enquiries welcome. Shipping can be arranged worldwide. Open every working day by appointment. Contact Nicos Aristidou on Tel/Fax 25 433674, 99 478279 or for a personal response. Website:


Monagri Grape Farm, Monagri: Anyone travelling up the B8 road (Limassol to Troodos) would see the "Follow the Barrels" signs at the sides of the road. The workshop operates also as a café, where you can enjoy wines, coffee, sweets, icecream, sandwiches and sweet honey balls.

A place for relaxation away from the city, offering daily fresh prepared products and FREE Palouzes. They produce the famous Cypriot and traditional sweet siousioukos which goes well with an accompanying beverage, especially with Zivania. The sweets and jams prepared in-house, strictly NO preservatives and dyes, while using only the freshest fruits and ingredients. Tel 25 435000. Facebook:



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