Lania Hills


Lania is a small, beautiful village, built at the foot of Mount Troodos on the main Limassol to Troodos road, about 26 Kms from Limassol. Lania is one of the main wine producing villages.

According to tradition, Lania got its name from Lania, daughter of the Greek god of wine and pleasure: Dionysos. This indicates the deep roots of the village in the filed of vine-growing and wine-making. The village is well known for the high quality of its grapes and wines.

Lania's new church

At the time Erricos was King of France, the country’s vineyards from which champagne was produced were destroyed by disease. The King went in search of healthy plants, which he found in Lania. The plants were loaded on a ship, transported to France and used to replant the Champagne vineyards. It is believed that during his stay in Cyprus, Erricos used to spend time at the Royal Oak of Lania, an 800 year old oak tree which sadly collapsed in 1997. In the same area, only a few metres from the Royal Oak, there is another oak tree, even bigger and well worth a visit.


The inhabitants of the village are occupied with vine-growing and the production of wine-related products including Zivania, Commandaria and Sousouko. Amongst the flower-lined streets and traditional architecture lies the village church, dedicated to St Mary. The Icon of St Mary of Valana, one of the oldest paintings in the world, is displayed in the church.

In Lania one can find an ancient and authentic Linos, a wine press, formerly used in the production of Commandaria. The entrance to the village is dominated by the old fountain from which villagers would get their drinking water and still today brings back memories of bygone times.

Click here. to see Lania in Google Maps.

A lovely video by Ben Sedin showing our beautiful Lania Village.




Cafe: Lania, Androulla’s coffee shop (or Platanos-the plane tree) is open every day from about 10am till late evening. Depends on demand and season. Closed Monday evening. It’s a coffee shop, a snack bar and serves meals, meze and take away.

Clothes truck stops at Platanos Café, Lania most weeks.

Doctor: Lania, visits most Thursdays at 9am.

Firewood: available from Andreas in Lania Post Office.

Fruit & Veg: Andreas, with the fruit truck, is at the Lania car park most days.

Lania Church is open for viewing on Sundays 11am - 4pm.

Lania Museum is located in a charming old house near the church and contains traditional tools, old newspapers and photos together with fine hand made mosaics and woodwork. It is staffed by local volunteers with fascinating stories to tell of village life. It opens on Sundays 11am - 4pm.

Lania Taverna: Lania, open every day for lunch plus Saturday for dinner, closed Mondays. Tel: 25432398, 99464759.

Michael Owen Galleries: Lania, open weekends. Open weekdays by appointment. Tel: 25432404.

Pat Thompson Studio: Lania, open every day 9am till dusk.

Police Station Lania: Sergeant’s tel:25873004



Lania Opening Hours: It is traditional in Lania for everything to be closed Mondays.

Community Council: Lania, visit the Community Council chairman (the mukhtar) at his office in the village square most afternoons round about 3pm.

Lania Community Board Members, Office Tel: 25432315 Andreas Rousias President Tel: 97776330, Soteris Ioannou Vice President Tel: 99463369, E-mail:, Yiannakis Ioannou Tel: 99451181, George Ktistis Tel: 99416536, Yiannoulla Christodoulou Tel: 25432364

Lania Culture Club: held the General meeting of the members on Sunday 3rd June 2007 and the new committee is as follows: President: Makis Potsos. Secretary: George Ktistis. Cashier: Ntinos Sourmelis. Members: Yiannakis Ioannou , Nikos Ktistis, Lefkos Rousos and Christos Kontos. 

Women’s’ Group, The women of Lania meet every fortnight, usually Tuesdays at 4pm at the old coffee shop. All women of Lania are very welcome. The proceedings are mostly in Greek with English translation. Please phone Jackie on 25432404 or Spyroulla on 25432370.

Yoga Classes in Lania at the village club. Please contact Dinos for more information, email or call -99404719.


Lania Lanes and Courtyards 14-5-2016 and 15-05-2016. The Women of Lania will be pleased to welcome you to walk along the picturesque lanes and visit their open courtyards. Saturday 11.00 – 19.00. 12.00 – 13.00 Music at the museum Sunday 11.00 – 18.00. 18.00 – 19.00 Music and raffle at the museum

Lania Water Levels - Urgent request from Lania Council. Water level critical & with large numbers of visitors expected over the holiday w/end things could get pretty bad so, please be very careful with your water consumption. Pass this message on to your neighbours etc. Posted 29/08/2015.

SATURDAY 16th & SUNDAY 17th MAY 2015 - LANIA LANES & COURTYARDS. The Women of Lania will be pleased to welcome you to walk along the picturesque lanes and visit their open courtyards. Saturday and Sunday 11am to 7pm, Music and Raffle Sunday 6pm at the Museum. Click Here to view the poster.
This year, the Women of Lania have invited Friends For Life to set up their own stall in a Courtyard as a Fund raiser for the Anti cancer charity. Fundraising on behalf of Friends for Life Hospice Charity - Visit Lania Village and call in to support us! (Volunteers needed to help over the weekend, please contact Dena Parry, Tel: 99401969).

16th 17th May 2015 Lania Lanes Courtyards
Lania Village Cyprus
Lania Village Cyprus
Lania Village Cyprus

CLASSES FOR THE MOUNTAINS - beginning November 2014. I’ve been asked to pass on the programme of the Adult Education Dept of the Cyprus Min. of Education.Available for the new school yr, starting round the beginning of November there are classes in

Byzantine Music!!

Physical Exercise* – the teacher specializes in PE for 2nd & 3rd Age people and for those with physical handicaps (back trouble, dodgy joints etc). Classes will be held in Trimiklini

Greek** for foreigners – Classes in Lania

Painting – Trimiklini

Computer training – Trimi


Cookery – content will be determined by students’ choices – Trimi

Music & Singing – Lania

Italian – Lania***

Russian – Lania***

Dance - Lania

Handicrafts – Mosaic, Woodcarving & Glass – Lania! Please specify choice!

Icon Painting

Pottery – Lania

* Under PE I have asked whether we can have a Yoga class here in Lania and I’m waiting for an answer.
** Greek classes under the EUROPA program are free of charge
*** Foreign languages are of course taught in greek so that may be a handicap?
The fees per subject for small communities like Lania, Silikou, Trimi etc are about €22 with a one off registration fee of €2.
!!! For pensioners however, (statutory pensionable age – which I’m trying to determine if it’s different from UK), classes are FREE

The Ministry is quite happy to have the classes up in the villages subject to a minimum of 10 students signing up for a subject.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in any of the above please email Dino or call -99404719- and we’ll take it from there. Posted 09/10/2014.



Dear Supporters

It was good to see those of you who visited the Lania Lanes event last month – welcome to our new supporters.  We had a lovely weekend and the courtyards and Lania were at their best with help from the Lania Lanes Women’s group and the winter rain, having encouraged the flowers to bloom.

News from Reem is that she has had a visit from the Education Department, who congratulated her on the school.  They have asked her to arrange yearly, term, monthly and weekly plans to a set syllabus for pre school children to be submitted to the Department.  Thank goodness that we funded her Diploma in pre school education as this is quite a task.  She has employed one of her fellow students from Diploma course, so she will have some help.   She is so grateful to you all, and in her recent letter she stated, ‘Please give my love and regards to all the ladies and gentlemen in Cyprus who help with my school”.  Now she is swamped with all this paperwork we need to buy some more cupboards to keep this safe!  I will be sending her our contribution this week.  She texted me yesterday to say that she has, “chosen two beautiful cupboards for hand work for the school.  They are so pretty.’   The school is going from strength to strength and we are making a big difference to the lives of the little ones.  They come from impoverished circumstances and this school gives them a love of learning and the confidence and social skills to join the main stream educational system without so many disadvantages.  THANK YOU ALL.

Reem has asked if it is possible to collect clothes for children in the village – from birth to twelve years.  There are so many poor families in great need of help.   Mavis Prenton has kindly offered to co-ordinate this for Reem.  If you can contribute, and need more information, please contact Maeve on 25434612 or Veronica on 99428093. POSTED 20/06/2012


Kourus Magpie flew around the other day and reported that:"My recent flight over LANIA, dodging the odd hunter in the protected areas, spotted a new facility added to The Yiannis/Phoebe's Bistro...
*    A new dining room,
*    A new kitchen...
*    And a new menu to match...
*    And opening times in the evening!

The traditional meat balls and mashed potatoes and quiches are joined by pork filets and several other new main dishes... Watch this space!
Call Phoebe/Yiannis on 99344321 to book the meal of your choice!!!
KM 01 Feb/2010

Bistro - A diversion to LANIA  was caused by reports that The Bistro run by Yiannis and Phoebe had also had an addition… a new kitchen and a second dining room! Phoebe on 99344321 to book. KM - 27 Dec 09

Lania Village - 'Waitrose Magazine article June 2009'. Click here. to view the article.



A group of enthusiastic artists met at the Lania Museum for a lively discussion centered on the concept of making Lania village more attractive. After the previous meeting, when it was decided to paint some of the gates and doors, the meeting was told that this had almost been completed, along with the fish art installation near the Frisi. Plans are well underway for a road sign to direct visitors to the village, together with a house art installation to attract attention. Many people have volunteered to do the painting and generally help with the upgrading of the visual aspect of the village centre. Work has started on the bridge and river near the Park and this should look much better soon. New gardens next to the church have also been started.

The meeting discussed various new ideas to improve the village. Suggestions were sought on how to disguise and/or relocate the large green garbage bins to make them a little less unsightly. Once again the unfortunate state of Doros Tavern and the land opposite, with its derelict machinery causing such an eyesore, came up but with no clear direction emerging on how to improve the situation there.  Old photographs of cars and trucks were shown to the meeting with the suggestion that they could be enlarged and displayed in the village just like the huge group photo near Platanos Café which looks so well. It was felt that a small collection of old vehicles located in the large car park at the entrance to the village would attract attention of visitors and maybe encourage them to stop and park there rather than in the village centre. With this being the artiste’s village of course these would not be ordinary displays but rather more artistic and maybe even a little humorous! Artistic benches were also discussed with a suggestion that some really unusual ones could form a kind of Sculpture Park in Lania Park whilst more traditional ones, with poems attached, could be sited in the village centre.

The question of how to attract discerning visitors as part of a sustainable tourist policy was discussed at length. Two main suggestions came up. It was felt that if a series of new, high quality postcards depicting the improvements in Lania could be produced and distributed island wide, they may induce individual tourists to take a closer look at the village. Special edition postcards and leaflets could also be produced for distribution in the village itself. Since most of the visitors from overseas travel by rental car, it was agreed that the concept of advertising on car rental company maps would be explored. It was noted that in the UK, the Waitrose supermarket in-house magazine was due to publish a piece on the village and this could encourage sustainable tourism in Lania. The meeting closed with a feeling of great optimism.



At a recent meeting of the Public Artworks Group in Lania, the assembled local artistes, together with Muhktar Andreas Rousias, came up with a large number of exciting ideas on how to improve the visual aspect of the traditional village, known everywhere as ‘the artistes village’.

Some ideas are almost ready for implantation, including a huge sepia photograph to be erected on the wall adjacent to Platanos Café. The photograph was originally taken in 1894 on the occasion of the completion of the bridge near the Royal Oak, on the main road. The picture shows a large group of villagers, most of whom have descendants still living in Lania today. Easter decorations are planned on the garden and orange grove next to the Frisi. It is also proposed to hang sliver fish across a pedestrian lane, repaint old doors as well as install benches; some with poems attached, and fit artful litter bins.

The main issue at this meeting was signage; as it is felt that it is vital to get this right on order to attract moderate numbers of discerning visitors to the village. Three suggestions were made. Firstly, it was felt that the direction sign on the main road was not clearly visible, due to various illegal commercial sings obscuring the view and generally confusing the eye. Secondly, it was agreed by the majority that with so many attractions in Lania a brown sign with internationally recognised symbols listing museum, dining, accommodation, and galleries etc would be most appropriate. However, some thought that separate signs for individual businesses would be better, though these are thought to possibly contravene local planning laws. Finally, all agreed that some type of large scale art installation near the main turning for Lania would be an effective way of attracting attention to the village. An installation inspired by the traditional houses of Lania is planned.


Girogos Sykas

At a packed meeting in Lania Tavern on Friday 5 December 2008 the President of Lania Community Council, Giorgos N. Sykas, made his resignation speech. He had served the village for over 30 years and overseen many changes.
The meeting continued with a presentation of the re-launched website: which aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the village and its amenities. On the home page the President writes: the amazing climate of Lania and its amazing natural beauty in combination with its traditional buildings, its narrow slab-paved roads and alleys that are filled with numerous flowers looked after by the inhabitants offer an exquisite sight. The tasteful wines and Zivania produced locally and the hospitality of the inhabitants will make you remember your visit to our community for a long time. We will be expecting you in our lovely village, where you will be treated with great hospitality and have a wonderful time.
The meeting concluded with the usual issues over water cuts and crumbling roads and all the typical matters that the incoming Muhktar will no doubt have to deal with in due course.

The popular philosophic chats shall this year be taking place in the lovely room above the Olive Mill on Wednesdays at the usual time of 10.15am. Some kind volunteers have offered to help supervise and operate the LANIA LIBRARY… which shall be instigated there in the same room so that people may begin to donate and borrow what ever volume have been collecting dust at home! Contact Louis Kilonis on Tel: 99604796 for details.

Following the success of our singing group at the Christmas Carols, we are planning to join in the festivities which take place in the village square on Easter Monday afternoon, April 28, singing maybe some folk songs etc. Anyone who can join us would be very welcome and if you would like to sing, please contact me on either 25432154, or Email: and I’ll let you know about rehearsals etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Glennis.

CATSNIP COMES TO LANIA - For centuries cats have been an integral part of life in Cyprus. In fact, the first evidence of cat ownership in Cyprus dates back to 7500 BC. Following this tradition, we, in Lania, are blessed with
beautiful and generally very healthy domestic and feral cats. Both the residents and visitors obtain great pleasure from their company, but here’s the rub – there are just too many feral cats in Lania.

Did you know that one female produces on average 6 female and 6 male offspring each year. By year 5 this will have increased the population to a total of approximately 33,613 cats. Of course, even with the natural illness and mortality rate, this is just far too many for a small village to support! In the past, means have been found to cull the feral population - many of these methods are just not acceptable, and an alternative has to be found.

Cat Population Growth

Catsnip was established by two ladies in Limassol approximately 18 months ago. Already, Catsnip has neutered 800 cats of the estimated 11,000 feral cats
in Limassol. We are fortunate in that they have allowed us to use their name, their expertise and contacts to set up a ‘branch’ here in Lania.

We have just started to raise funds to neuter our feral cats in the village. Selected cats will be caught, photographed and their details recorded. They
will be neutered by a fully qualified veterinary surgeon, cared for whilst recovering and then released back into the cat community. In this way, we hope to control the feral cat population and avoid other more desperate measures being used.

We are happy to report that a very successful start to the scheme has been made. Enthusiasm is high, and at the Lania Tavern Disco on 29 December, CYP275 was raised from a raffle and auction. Very many thanks to all those who so generously contributed to the Catsnip funds at this event. In addition, other donations have been received, including the sale of Catsnip calendars which has brought the final amount raised to CYP350, at the end of 2007. Thanks to all for making this such a successful start to Lania Catsnip. (Please note that some Calendars are still available at CYP3.50).

We are greatly encouraged by the support from all quarters of Lania and beyond. We hope to hold many fund raising events in the coming year. If you would like to help us by holding a coffee morning, sponsoring a cat, or have ideas that would move things along, please get in touch with Susan or Veronica.

Veronica Houghton: M 99428093, Home 25432421,
Susan Costerton: M 99679578, Home 25434538,

LANIA GETS A MAKEOVER. You can't move for builders trucks in Lania these days as construction workers work hard to restore the village centre. Many of the old houses are being refurbished with plenty of beautiful stonework on view. The narrow lanes are being re-cobbled and certainly add much charm to the place. The old Boys School and the adjacent old Olive Press are undergoing major restoration and should be ready for occupation late in 2008.

Lania Lane Re-cobbled Lania Old School Restoration Lania Olive Press Restoration

News from Lania CB. Posted 13th November 2007.
I can understand that many people wish to see things moving, or at least to know that the Board is working on things. I also think that many things need to be taken up as soon as possible but this needs time and effort. I can tell you that all members of the Community Board are aware of those things which need to improve and are ready to work to really improve things. The point is that we do not have yet the mechanism to move thinks fast. We do not even have a secretary and the computer equipment which we bought (together with a software package designed for the Community Board) is still not in use.

The role of the Board.
What to say here? I can say that is very important; the same as with any Municipal Council in any town. It Is the local authority with extensive duties. The Board has the responsibility for public toilets, of cleaning all public places and fixing faulty streets. The LCB is not responsible for the road from the
police station to Kato Lania. The responsibility is with the central Government. We have sent a letter and reminder asking them to fix the road.

Lanate and hunting.
This is controlled by law and if any individual is not following the law then the police must be informed.

Fire prevention
This is something that has been discussed many times in the board. We have asked in the past for a vehicle to be placed at the police station. The trouble is that the Government can provide the car only with one Fireman and the village has to provide volunteers. Those who will volunteer can be called at any time and to work for one, two or three days, not only in the area but anywhere there is fire. Do you know any one who wishes to do this? The Minister visited the village this year and he promised to give a vehicle to each and every village for this purpose. So we have something on this hot subject.

Coffee shop.
The coffee shop belongs to the Culture Club and the Culture Club is totally independent from the Community Board. There was an effort to bring the English speaking residents into the life of the culture club. A meeting was organized, a wine night before the election and some people become members of the club. This is not enough of course but is something. We can build on that. People can visit the Coffee shop just for coffee and then we can reopen this subject.

It is true that the lack of proper communication has and will create a lot of trouble to the life of the village. In the old days people got the information personally in the coffee shop. Discussions took place and public opinion was expressed there! This is a very basic Democracy which is not sufficient anymore. Also, the need of this communication is not a need for every one around. We have a website and we will try to inform people. I am available to give almost all the goings on related to the Village committee and the Culture club.

Plans for the future.
The LCB will try to implement the master plan which covers many aspects of village life. The old Olive Press is being restored and will be ready by June 2008. There is a good chance of getting money to upgrade the Park. The CTO will sponsor this. We will apply and see. This is for 2008. We are trying to buy a house next to the Linos. If we manage this, it will be used for many different purposes.

The New Highway.
Another subject which is become very hot this Summer!
A group against the present route of the road exists. This group, together with members of the Committee, visited the Minister of Works. The Minister was opposed very strongly to the idea of leaving the present road as it is. He said if the road is a problem to you, he can change the direction, just show me where it is not a problem to you. The new route was proposed to be behind the hill. After that, a considerable number of people have signed a paper (personally I have not seen this paper) asking the Government to leave the plans as they are. The Community Board is not with one opinion. The same applies to the people of the village. There are very strong views for and against the idea to move the road. The Minister has changed in the mean-time and so far, we haven’t see the new plans.

General comment.
Opinions and Complaints can be posted in the box outside the Office. I wish to say that the LCB is working in a very difficult situation which was inherited. I know that this is a very common excuse, but is true. My mobile is always open for the people and I wish to know if something is going wrong in the village or what positive ideas are around. Especially, I wish to know who is prepared to do what for the village. If anyone wishes to raise his taxes please let me know I can very easily arrange this!

George Ktistis,
Committee Member LCB. (Tel: 99416536, Email:

Lania Master Plan is now available, in Greek and English, as a Adobe pdf presentation, by clicking here. Details on the new bypass are still vague.

Almond Meadows, behind the football field in Lania, is a new development of 18 detached houses. Already, two houses are occupied and more new residents are on the way.

Broadband is long awaited and may come to Lania in 2007 but a lack of telephone lines to the village may delay things! 

Craft Lessons: Tuesdays at 11am in the Youth Centre behind Lania football field and Tuesdays at 5pm

Greek classes at the Lania Community/Youth centre (next to the football pitch) at 12 noon on Wednesdays, at £14 per year (£2 for OAPs ) with Mikaella Nikolao. Email:

Women’s’ Group, The women of Lania meet every fortnight, usually Tuesdays at 4pm at the old coffee shop. All women of Lania are very welcome. The proceedings are mostly in Greek with English translation. Please phone Jackie on 25432404 or Spyroulla on 25432370.