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Doros is situated on a hill of 470 metres. It is hidden and surrounded by almond trees and grapevines. Doros is 25 kilometres outside Limassol on the left side of the Limassol to Troodos road, travelling towards Troodos. The name Doros is associated with the ancient Greek word Doris which means forest.

Doros Lanes

The 150 or so residents are all farmers tending their live stock and fruit orchards. The restoration of many houses, the traditional coffee shop and the numerous cultural festivities prove that Doros is full of life.  This is a good reminder of the good old days prior to urbanization.

In 2002, an ancient tomb was discovered and handed over to the Department Of Antiquities. Doros has made a name for itself for the quality of its grapes which makes a first class Commandaria and Zivania that is very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Visitors to the village will experience great hospitality from the friendly villagers. Any visitor will enjoy walking in the narrow little streets of the village free from traffic noise. They admire the original stone built houses, the Community Park surrounded by pine trees, the windmill and the ancient water pump that still provides excellent drinking water.

Above all there is a beautiful church built in the 14th and 15th Century called Panagia Galaktotrofoucas which is dedicated to Christ’s mother.





Doros Restaurant: Tel: 25433655

Doros Supermarket: open daily 7-8am and 4-6pm.

Karseras Family Winery: In 1998, Panayiotis Karseras, the Community President of the village, his wife Lenia, and their four children, refurbished the old winery and recommenced the production of Commandaria, “the world’s oldest named wine still in production”, a product of controlled origin.
Our winery is the only independent family winery that specialises in Commandaria. We are open daily all year round for free wine tasting and tours around the winery.
For further information please telephone: 99589325. Email: Facebook Page:

Katerina Cyprus Sweets: open seven days a week between 08:00 - Sunset. Come and visit us at our shop, located in the picturesque village of Doros, in an eye-catching area, with panoramic views of the Cypriot nature, where locals and tourists from all over the world visit daily to taste and buy the famous Katerina Sweets.
Our new factory is a great place to visit as it has a small traditionally-styled coffee shop where a drink can be enjoyed with an accompanying piece of glyko, whilst watching the glyka being made behind the glass panels of the factory. If you prefer, coffee can be enjoyed out on the verandah, which offers spectacular views towards the mountains and across the valley, or in the large front courtyard which is shaded by a canopy of grapevines and gourds in the summer months.
There are two gift shops, the first selling a range of local handicrafts including gourds hand-painted by a local craftsman, and the second is filled with every type of glyko imaginable - and a selection of other traditional foods including soujouko, and carob honey.
For further information please telephone (+357) 25 432000. Website: Facebook:

The Old Olive Mill Doros Accommodation: A mountain retreat. A lovely old stone property in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains with fabulous views over the Kouris valley and its villages; winding down to the sea. Check their website for online availability and bookings: Email: Facebook Page:




Eleni Constantinou - Doros Article

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Doros Village - Analysis on Village Life by Eleni Constantinou.

A very interesting read, based on the village of Doros has been authored by Eleni Constantinou. She has very kindly shared her analysis, written 17th December 2013, with the readers of Cyprus Village Link - Click here to view the article in English.

In Eleni's work, she analyses the village of Doros, concerning the location, the social structure, the social activities and the feelings that dominate this community.

A very big thank you to Eleni for sharing her work with us, we wish you every good luck for the future and if you ever pen more articles like this one, we would love to add more to our website. The Editor.

Posted 26th May 2014.



Doros Roads


The centre of Doros Village has been transfomed by the aying of new cobblestones where there was once concrete. Many of the village roads and lanes were disrupted by the laying of new water supply pipe work, which was completed last year with the trenches either concreted or tarmaced.

The new stones blend in well with the original and the second phase of the works will see the outer road around the village cobbled. Well done to all involved in this project. - Doros Dave.