The small but very picturesque community of Apesia lies on the south side of the Troodos mountain range, approximately 480 metres above sea level, and is protected in a valley between the rivers Garillis and Limnatis. It is a semi-mountainous area with annual rainfall of around 575ml.

Apesia produces a small quantity of cereals, olives and almonds. There are also a few vineyards on the north sides of the mountains that surround the village. Carobs are cultivated and grow side by side with the cereals. Due to the fact that the land in the area is rocky and chalky, widespread cultivation is not possible. Also there is a small number livestock.

The village is built on the mountain side with deep ravines that are formed by the mountains of the Troodos range and is, on both sides, connected to Limassol by a winding uphill road that runs through the plain to the town. The 1881 census showed 100 residents compared to the 400 or more in a more recent census.

The area surrounding the community is rich in archaeological finds, due to the fact that it was inhabited from the Neolithic times through to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. These periods, together with Byzantine, Frankish and Venetian occupation have all left distinctive cultural traditions and customs that have been preserved today. The village name is derived from a corresponding village in Asia Minor, probably through the migration and movement of the population of those areas.

The uniqueness of this well preserved environment that has had no destructive interference by humans and the easy connection with Limassol, situated nearby, has attracted many foreigners that reside now permanently in the community. The dry climate, with no humidity during summer months, in contrast to the high temperatures and humidity in Limassol, makes the area ideal for anyone that wishes to reside there provided they like the quiet life.  




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Apesia Donkey Safari: Apesia Village. Enjoy the lovely surroundings of this small farm; this place really makes you feel welcome. Then, if it is not too sunny, you can choose between either diving in the swimming pool, have a nice home made 100% Cypriot authentic meze (call before), or run to the donkeys to enjoy the ride.

For Donkey Safari you have to call before Phone: 96 713 034. The ride is 10 euro per Donkey (which holds one child or one child plus one adult).

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If you know the opening hours of a local shop or the details of a  local club please email us and we will do the rest!