Agios Mamas Village

Agios Mamas village is rooted at the east foot of the Zalaka Mountain that dominates the surrounding area. It is 25 kilometres from Limassol and 590 metres above sea level. It is well known for its cool climate during the summer months. It is believed that the village was built by the Byzantine Akrites (border guards), defenders of the island from Arabic raids, around the 7th – 10th century.

It was named after Agios Mamas, patron saint of the Akrites. Agios Mamas has a rich history and tradition. Unfortunately, this legendary and important history was destroyed by the Turks in 1571, after they invaded and occupied Cyprus that also, had as a result, the expulsion of the villagers who moved to the Finiki area 1 kilometre north of the village, and the colonization by Turkish settlers. There, in a makeshift settlement and with a tiny church dedicated to St George, another patron saint of the Akrites, the villages remained as refugees for 145 years until the time was ripe for them to return.

Agios Mamas View

Circa 1720 Agios Mamas intervenes as a miracle worker. He appears in a dream of the Reverent Koukounas and requests that a church be built at the exact place where the previous church stood before it was destroyed by the Turks. Another wondrous event occurred when Mikellis Fraggofinos, the village teacher, established in 1898 an important association. It is today, the oldest association in Cyprus with a life of over a century, having rendered eminent successes and triumphs in all sectors. This is the reason why the inhabitants of Agios Mamas consider it the Acropolis and the new Parthenon of the village Metropolis.

Agios Paraskevi Church

Other than the Association building the impressive church, the visitor can see the small and beautiful Byzantine fresco-painted church of St Paraskevi that is situated in the village and the newly-built country church of the St Apostles Silas and Siluanus at Xylourikos. It offers a picnic area under the pine trees that can accommodate over 400 people. There is also the village cultural centre with its rich library of over 1800 volumes.

The few village inhabitants that number just 120, while in 1960 there were about 480, cultivate vineyards at present. There is a total replanting of vines. Another occupation of the inhabitants is the cultivation of olive trees, almond trees and fruit bearing trees. The village is renowned not only for the quality of its Commandaria, but also for its quantity, that was often more than 2000 donkey loads, a traditional way of weighing. There were many distilleries in the past for the production of Commandaria. The last two were demolished in 1960 with the building of a modern winery.



Ayios Mamas Shop & Post Office: The shop, run by Andreas, is open every day from 7am-9am & 5pm-7pm and is also the Post Office.

Ayios Mamas Village Cultural Centre: The Village Cultural Centre (Politistiko Kentro) also houses the Mukhtar’s office  (Tel 99905151) which is open Monday 5-7pm, Tuesday 8-10am, Thursday 5-7pm, Friday 8-10am, Sunday 11am-12noon.

Ayios Mamas Coffee Shops: One coffee shop is located opposite the shop and is open from 5pm till “closing time” (11pm +).  The other is on the road to the village from the Kapileo/Korfi end and is open all day.

Ayios Mamas Commandaria Winery: There is a Commandaria winery in the village which is presently being restored. Visit

Ayios Mamas Bank: The Bank, run by Stavros, also sells postage stamps and is open Mondays and Fridays 8am-1pm and 2.45pm – 5.30pm.

Carpenter in Ayios Mamas: Papas Andreas and his son George (Tel: 99039567/99719602/25433814) can make doors and furniture. Examples of his work can be seen in the church where he has made many of the new pews. 

Doctor - Ayios Mamas: The doctor’s surgery is held in the Politistiko Kentro on Friday morning at about 10.00-11.30 (varies a bit –“Cyprus time”. Usually there is a Health Care Assistant who takes everyone’s blood pressure and a Doctor as well and most days the pharmacist comes with them, so he can dispense medicines from a well stocked dispensary kept in the village. “Specials” are delivered to the village shop a day to two after the clinic.



Muhktar – Joanna Orphanou Tel: 99905151
Community representatives – Costas Achilleos, Christ Erzipidou, Nicos Papamichael and Andreas Socratous

Greek classes in Agios Mamas on Tuesdays at 6pm - 7pm in the old house next to the coffee shop which is going to be refurbished as the Mukhtar's office. The teacher is Leonidas who is a retired teacher with 30 years experience. The current class is mainly aimed at those who already speak Greek and want to learn to read and write it. Contact via the Mukhtar.