This is a small village built on the mountains at the west part of the green valley of the river Kouris. The village is 25 kilometres from Limassol near the main Limassol to Troodos road. It dominates among the red wine producing villages. The inhabitants of the village are mainly occupied with the cultivation of vineyards and various fruit trees. Agios Georgios Agathiotis is famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants and the traditional Commandaria, Zivania and Sousouko.

At the entrance of the village, one can find the church that is dedicated to Agios Georgios Agathiotis. The church, designed and built in the traditional style, dominates the area. The remains of martyr Agios Georgios are preserved in the church. The village got its name from Agios Georgios. According to tradition, the name Agathiotis was given to the village because during the time Cyprus was under the rule of the Turks and at a time when almost all nearby villages were occupied by the enemy, the village remained unharmed. This was due to the fact that when the enemy came close to the village, as if a miracle was happening, instead of seeing the green trees, all they could see was a vast plantation of thorny cactus. In view of the difficulties, given the limited means at the time, the enemy turned back without even coming close to the village.

One of the sights of the village is the church dedicated to St Mary of Syrkous, located one kilometre north of the village. According to tradition, during the time Cyprus was under the domination of the Franks (1192-1570) at the place the church is now built, there used to be a kingdom of the Franks having a queen named Zografou, who would later marry the great royal Tsitsiekis, from the neighbouring village of Monagri. At the south side of the church one can see the remains of a city wall, probably the wall of the kingdom mentioned above.



Ayios Georgios Doctor: The doctor visits the village on Tuesday mornings at 8.30am. This is the highlight of the week and brings everyone out!

The Magic Teapot Club in Agios Georgios is in a traditional stone built house in the centre of the village. Everyone is welcome at The Magic Teapot. Membership is free and walk ins are welcome.
Opening Times
Monday & Tuesday: 6pm – 11pm
Wednesday & Thursday – Closed
Friday:  2pm – 11pm
Saturday: 6pm – 11pm
Sunday: 2pm – 7pm

There is plenty to do and lots of new people to meet. Go along any night and be assured of a warm welcome.
Every Monday is Darts night, contact them to join the league whether you are a beginner or a pro, every Tuesday is Quiz Night - free to enter and lots of fun.
The Mahjong group meet every other Friday afternoon. New members are always welcome.
Friday night is music night with an open mike and a pot luck supper.
The first Saturday of the month is BINGO night! Lots of fun and prizes to be won.
The last Saturday of the month is the Men v Women competitions, with quizzes, games and fun challenges.
In addition to the usual nights there are regular music and themed nights - next event is Party in the Park on Friday June 16th.  
For more information on any of the events, please call Alison on 99766204.




Ayios Georgios Community Board : The Muhktars name is Marios Martides and he is found in his new office at various times of the day.

Two NEW houses for sale with immediate possession, in Agios Georgiou.
Agios Georgiou is A SMALL VILLAGE about 20 kms north of Limassol in the Kouris valley, in the Commanderia region. The views from both houses are spectacular, leading to Olympus and the Troodos mountains via the Kouris Valley. Easy 20 minute reach of LIMASSOL, Heritage School, Karsaras supermarket etc.
Size:140 square meters, with 3 bedrooms, space for parking and space in one plot for a swimming pool. This is an interesting and personal offer and NO agents are involved.Sale price is “in the region of £140k, negotiable”. For more details call Ermullah, Yannis’ wife, good English, on 00357 25 433655.